About us

A team specilized in hospitality

Stay in Rome Apartments can provide the best housing solutions for your stay in the Eternal City. All our apartments are selected by a Hospitality specialized team. Located in the most beautiful areas of Rome, they are equipped with all comforts.

For all those who love to travel by getting in touch with the typical atmospheres of the place they visit, our hospitality team personally takes care of every aspect with professionalism and dedication.

Our goal is to make you spend an unforgettable stay in our city, by making you feel at home.

Selecting one of our holiday homes means, not only receiving the best in terms of service and comfort, but also having the guarantee of a tailored hospitality service, aimed to satisfy any specific needs. Our staff will always welcome you on your check in day and assist you during the whole stay!


Stay in Rome Apartments staff is selected and well trained to best serve the needs of each individual customer

Daniele Barbera

Daniele Barbera

I am born in a small town in Puglia but I have been living in Rome all my life.
In this wonderful city, I grew up and I achieved my degree in Biology. For years, I worked in the pharmaceutical industry, developing my commercial and communication skills. I have always believed that the most rewarding thing is to know the world, but not only exploring new places but also meeting people from all over. For this reason, I have changed my career and embraced Stay in Rome Apartments project. Worldwide travelers eventually come to Rome and discover its beauties and treasures. To these people I wish to reveal the secret of my city, by offering a specific accommodation type, which represents a constant landmark and a well-being private corner.

Alessia Tordi

I was born in Rome and after an experience of almost seven years in London, where I always worked in multi-ethnic environments, I returned to Italy and worked for nine years in a company that operates within the UN peacekeeping missions. I have travelled a lot in my life and that is why I like to think of this job as a chance to transfer my experience and passion to our guests, trying to provide an alternative, efficient service that has the main purpose of making the traveller feel at home in the magical atmosphere that Rome, the eternal city gives to each of its visitors.

Paolo Passi

Paolo Passi

Born in Rome in 1974, I have always worked in national and foreign tourism since the 90s in the hospitality and customer care sectors. Over the years the partnership with Stay in Rome Apartments has given me the opportunity to specialize in the ordinary and extraordinary care and maintenance of the apartments, also taking advantage of the support of professionals in the plumbing, electrical and construction fields.

Massimiliano Franciosi

I was born in Rome and I have always lived in this town.
Here I worked for decades as a computer consultant in telecommunications.
I traveled enough to understand that embark on an adventure and get away for a while from their lives is a remarkable feeling of freedom.
When one considers an existence like that of Rome, more than two thousand years old and older, and it is thought that it is still the same soil, the same hill, sometimes even the same columns and walls, one feels interpenetrated by the great decrees of destiny.
This makes me love this city and has led me to share what is the project of Stay in Rome Apartments: make the most peaceful and evocative stay for travelers in the Eternal City, that of the Cupolone and the basilicas, the Forums and the Colosseum, alleys, breathtaking views and belvedere on the city.


Pierfrancesco Ruospo

I was born in southern Italy – in Bari – in 1989, and that’s where I grew up. In 2008 I moved to Rome to complete my musical and university studies and, as often happens, I was so struck by the city that I made it my fixed abode and my home. I am a lover of art, history, theater and music. After working for six years in the field of social security, I have embarked on this new and exciting adventure with the Stay in Rome Apartments, with the hope of making it easier and warmer to welcome to our city and with the wish to convey to our guests the same emotions that made me fall in love with the magical atmosphere of the Eternal City.

Valerio Tocci

Born and lived in Rome all my life, after my university studies I worked in the consultancy and human resources fields. This allowed me to get in touch with a large hotel group, a great opportunity a my first approach to the tourism industry. Soon tourism has become my passion, I then decided to open my own guest house in Rome. A path that trained me in all aspects, contributing my growth in this sector. Today I am very pleased to experience a new partnership in the tourism with “Stay in Rome apartments“

Valerio Tocci